What is the Batches feature good for?

Businesses typically have repeated charges with the same customers on a regular basis. They have to ensure that the business customer, which they are supplying to, is still registered for VAT by validating their VAT number. If their VAT number expires, the reverse-charge mechanism no longer applies, and they will have to be treated like a consumer and charged a VAT going forward.

Vatstack’s mass VAT validation solution automates bulk VAT number checks for all your customers on a regular basis.

How do mass validations work?

Vatstack Batches can be entirely managed intuitively in your dashboard (no programming skills needed) or programmatically with the API for automation. We have made is especially easy to use for your administration staff.

Upload as many VAT numbers as you like. Duplicate VAT numbers are automatically purged and invalid VAT numbers are ignored to save you hits. Once you start the validation process, it will create a validation record for each VAT number. You can find more more information about validation records.

Is it easy to use by my administration staff?

Yes, we put considerable efforts in making the process as easy as possible for a non-technical person. Prepare a single-column CSV file with a list of VAT numbers to validate and upload it through your dashboard. Start the validation process once you are ready and let it run in the background for you.

The result can be exported in CSV and contains validity status with company data. This simplifies further analysis in a spreadsheet.

Can I get notified when the process finishes?

Yes. An email is always sent out to notify you once the validation process has finished.

Do I have to check VAT numbers frequently?

Outdated customer data costs you money. If your customer’s VAT number expires you should ask for their new VAT number. Otherwise the reverse-charge mechanism no longer applies and you have to start charging VAT at your customer’s local rate. Therefore, VAT-registration statuses must be checked regularly.

It is your duty to ensure that the reverse-charge mechanism continues to apply to your B2B supplies and that changes to their circumstances are reflected in your invoices.

How many VAT numbers can be mass validated?

There is no limit to the number of queries you can add to a batch process. Generally speaking, you can add as many VAT numbers as your subscription plan permits. Refer to the limit of VAT number validations in your subscription plan.

How long does one bulk validation process take?

The time to complete a mass-validation process varies with the number of VAT numbers and the availability of government services. Batches which contain a few hundred VAT numbers will normally finish instantly. The process can take up to a few hours if government services are temporarily unavailable. In such cases, Vatstack will re-validate unsuccessful validation requests continuously in the background until a response is obtained.

Can I get notified if a VAT number is no longer valid?

Yes. You can listen to webhook events whenever a validation request was successfully processed. Since a batch process creates a validation record for every VAT number, you benefit from the same processing cycle for each validation record.

Our API will send you a validation.succeeded webhook event which you can further process on your end. For example, to send out an automated email to your customer requesting an update or to suspend the reverse-charge mechanism.