VAT API for compliant online payments

Vatstack is a VAT API which provides compliant VAT solutions before and after a payment occurs.

About Vatstack

Handling VAT correctly is a major pain point for businesses selling telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services (TBE) that want to welcome customers from around the world.

The challenges start with establishing which VAT rules apply, geolocating a customer to display the applicable VAT rate and exempting business customers from VAT.

They end with collecting and storing evidence of the place of supply, remittance of the collected VAT, and filing accurate returns to tax offices when due.

Implementing global regulations and keeping up with their constant changes would normally require a dedicated army of accountants.

Not dealing with VAT altogether raises suspicions among potential customers and business partners at best, or end in heavy penalties at worst.

We believe that the world has been missing a developer-first API because the entire process can be elegantly streamlined and automated. We also believe that such a solution should be offered at an affordable price.

Launched in 2018, Vatstack is already being used by innovative startups and reputable Fortune 500 companies.

If you have questions, suggestions or like to send us your customer story, you should drop us a line anytime:

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