Value Added Tax Calculator

Vatstack’s calculator determines the VAT amount and total amount to charge inclusive or exclusive of VAT.

How to use the Vatstack VAT calculator

Before you charge VAT on telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services, you have to know which VAT rate is applicable for the customer. This calculator determines the VAT amount to be paid at a location. It supports VAT-inclusive and VAT-exclusive computations. Enter the price and select which category applies.

Use it to ensure that you are collecting the correct amount of tax from your customers. If you’d like to automate calculations with business customer validation and dynamic tax treatments, you can use our API.

Charging VAT on behalf of tax administrations requires that are you registered for VAT and have obtained a unique VAT ID. The collected VAT is is filed and remitted electronically on a regular basis. Vatstack is the end-to-end companion for digital businesses.

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