A bulk VAT validation tool helps you to focus on the core competence of your business instead of wasting time with bureaucracy. If you’re still validating VAT numbers on a website like VIES, you may want to consider using batch check instead. Batch checking is always more accurate and faster.

Here are 5 reasons to use a batch VAT checker that uses official information from official government databases:

Avoid validating one customer at a time

Manually validating VAT numbers on VIES is possible. However, at each check, you need to enter at least 4 fields before validating a VAT number. Once validated, you need to refresh the page before entering the next VAT number. This needs to be done every time you issue an invoice.

If you have plans to grow your business or are at a growth stage, this repetitive task needs to be removed and automated.

Identify clients that are no longer VAT-registered

One of our customers’ biggest problems is when they are penalized for providing VAT discounts when they shouldn’t. This happens when your customer de-registers from VAT or goes out of business altogether but forgets to remove the expired VAT number from your system. As a result, you continue to discount VAT in invoices although you should be surcharging your customer.

In most accounting systems, de-registrations are not captured unless you perform a re-validation. Vatstack’s bulk validation API helps you identify expired VAT numbers instantly.

Once a customer is identified as no longer VAT-registered, you can ask your customer to either provide a new VAT number or start charging VAT again.

Official information services can be unavailable

Due to maintenance periods, VIES will be regularly unavailable for hours, if not days. This is very inconvenient and frustrating for a lot of online sellers. When this happens, nothing can be done but to wait until the service goes online again.

Vatstack accepts all incoming validation requests and puts them on a schedule for automated re-validations. You don’t have to do anything in the meantime and can simply wait for the batch process to complete by itself. You’ll be notified as soon as a bulk validation process finalizes.

Stay compliant

VAT regulations are constantly updated especially in the digital space. Validated VAT ID numbers became mandatory in invoices since January 1st, 2020. Manual validation and calculation may result in human errors such as typos. In the worst scenario, you are non-compliant.

Vatstack works closely with government services to ensure that our API is always updated. You get to retrieve all business information of your customers that can be retrieved from official databases.

Quarterly reporting made easy

Forget about collecting information and then populating them into Excel sheets. The bulk validation tool on Vatstack helps you to do store batch processes in the cloud and they can be exported as CSV with the click of a button.

Vatstack’s batch process for VAT number checks
Vatstack’s batch process for VAT number checks

When you are ready to take the leap to automate VIES batch checks, check out our pricing page and try Vatstack with a free trial.